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Changes and Me

A huge driver for the existence of this blog is about any change and my resistance to it.

People who have known me well , close friends and even work folks have told me many a times that I do not take to change very well. Thankfully I have not had to deal with many of such great changes so far, up until the last year. When I got married it was the hubby who relocated and changed jobs so that we could be together . Things remained the same for me . Work wise .. hold your breath .. I have stuck to the same organization for 11 years now. Yes ..I started as an intern and almost settled down here ! D’s arrival brought a whole bot of changes but I was still in my comfort zone with family , friends and my space at work. It was only last year that we dealt with an entirely huge magnitude of change when we relocated to Sydney. Both me and hubby have visited and worked abroad for many years , but nothing was even remotely close to the experience we were about to have in Down Under !

We landed here in June , which is when winter kicks off in the Southern hemisphere and for the first time in my 30 some  years June was cold and harsh with the day getting over at 4.30pm ! I actually did without my daily ritual of afternoon tea because it was night already   by that time. We did not have a car initially and so in the first couple of months we had to take the trains or walk to do all the shopping – which was a lot considering we were just starting out here. Home delivery is not free in this place unless you shop for a hefty amount that did not work out for us. Indian stores and supermarkets are not as how they are in the US. Plus all the walking. While in India my daily walking was all that I did in the house , and some times an evening walk in the apartment complex . Here we had to get walking and running shoes so as to ease a bit all the fast walking we did . Not all work places are closer to public transport and especially mine is a good 15-18 mins walk one way. Furniture shopping was another nightmare for me , home delivery costs are high and the patience and effort it takes to assemble a not-so-simple-one could be the real test to one’s marriage ! I actually broke down once while at it  so hubby had to handle the assembly and me 😐

The cold , the lack of sunshine as we are used to in India and all the above changes made be a very different person. I could snap and get cranky very frequently , nothing about Sydney was positive at that time. I also had to follow up on how D was dealing at her childcare . That too works very differently outside of India with much focus on the child’s independence at a very young age. And the biggest element of change was having no family around us. My sister , hubby’s brother and family all lived within a 5km radius in India  and we had both sets of parents visiting us quite often. We were missing that terribly .

Quite expectedly I questioned the relocation bit , were we any better here. Neither me or hubby are over ambitious and we relocated only for a better and safer lifestyle and upbringing for D . Moving back was discussed as well but I could not handle another wind up and then a set up activity so soon. So we decided to give ourselves some more time and think bit more positively…

… to continue in the next post..


About me..

So, this is my very first post and here is short version of about me. As the name of the blog suggests I am definitely a mama 🙂

A mama to a 3 and half year old who is my life and with whom everyday is a blessing to look forward to . An Indian by heart, mind and soul , I  live and work at Sydney with the hubby and my daughter who shall be henceforth referred to as D in the blog. It has been years since I have been addicted to some blogs , mostly related to motherhood and those with strong feminist messages. Oh yes, I should probably add , feminism comes naturally and very strongly to me and I would certainly love to contribute my bit to making the world a better and more equal place for women. So here is me , saying a warm Hiii to all my readers , and eager to share my life in bits and pieces . My life , my dreams , D and much more..

Happy reading everyone and I would love to see comments and suggestions coming in to better this space .