Change and me – 2

Continuing from the previous post here .

So life was as miserable as it could be , or rather as I made it to be. Days were the same mundane routine and I did not realize how time sped by as we completed 2, 3 and almost 4 months in Sydney. The weather started changing with spring in full bloom ..longer and sunnier days . Hubby was much more comfortable driving around and so we ventured quite a bit for sight seeing . That is when I discovered the amazing parks and green space in this country. D just loved it and watching her so happy when outdoors made us so very happy too. We made a few but good friends , folks that we got to know only in the last few months and yet connected so well. I will cover few of those friends in another post . Meanwhile I was dealing with the change in a different way now coz I had realized that me being sulky reflected on D and hubby as well. Despite all my apprehensions about the change , we were here for some time and I wanted to make the best of it. Some of my friends (not in Sydney) were very helpful , those that had dealt with similar relocations and those that knew how difficult this was going to be for me. Their emails and messages kept me going !

Come summer and it was a entirely different place , sunlight till 8pm and loads of outdoors! We started inviting close friends for lunches and dinners and visited them also . Moved into a bigger place  , did a road trip in the Dec vacations with D and loved it. At work too , things settled down for me ..It was not the dream role I wanted but it came with the flexibility that I could not trade for anything . I also discovered another comfort soup to calm down by homesick self 🙂  Indian soaps. Yes I do watch about a couple of them adhoc and I love them despite the logic (or lack of it !)

Adapting to change is still a learning process for me , even now I have days where I feel very low and miss Bangalore and my folks very much. But those days are much less frequent . Hubby and I have seen each other so lonely and desperate for family in the last one year that it has brought us lot closer  and are totally a team now. Work, cooking , daily chores , outdoors – we try and do as much as we can and have fun. Ofcourse it is hectic and tiring , but that is a better way to deal with change than being lonely and sulking , isn’t it 🙂


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