Randomness about me

I do have the about me section on this site and here is adding on to it. Random bits and pieces that somewhat define me 🙂

  1. I prefer things very ordered and structured , that applies to my work and home both. It is very unlikely that you will encounter with any mess/disorder of stuff in my home even if you land up on a weekday at 6pm !
  2. Changes and me don’t get along well , yes I have 2 posts dedicated to this very fact.
  3. There are 2 things I wish I could change about myself .. the absolutely curly hair and my super short height.. sigh.
  4. I have always been very good at academics , competitive and excelling .
  5. I wish I could go back and study again .. this is something more in my hands to decide and act upon but procrastination rules..
  6. I might sound ambitiously dead , but since the last couple of years or so .. I am the least expectant of what I achieve at my job as long as I am honest at my work. May be an indication to move out , or not ?
  7. My day starts at 6am and ends by 9pm .. yes we are the age old “early to bed early to rise ” family !
  8. Bollywood music is chicken soup for my soul in any mood , especially the oldies.
  9. Talking of Bollywood .. I was an eternal fan of SRK .. until I watched Ra.One  and then Happy New Year. Trust me , I was in depression for few hours thinking of who I was all gaga over since my teens 😦 😦
  10. Food and cooking have never fascinated me , in fact I used to crib over the fact that we had to eat 3 times a day ! But now with D in picture  priorities and fascinations have clearly changed 😀
  11. Temper has clearly been the trait I have been trying to ease down on for many years. Especially with just the 3 of us in this firang land ..it is absolutely necessary for peace in the household !
  12. Some of my most adored pastimes – snuggling up with any of the Harry Potter books , masala chai with someone to chat with .. watching the rains from the window , answering D’s non stop questions until the point I have to beg her to stop , coffee anytime with friends even 11pm .. and so on..
  13. I take very little time to get ready , be it work for any function. Usually it is only the kajal and liner that are my regulars  may be with a touch of gloss and some compact for special occasions. And ofcourse if it is a wedding or anything like that , I have to straighten my hair 😀
  14. I hate wearing jewelry , gold or pearl or fake ..anything. It is just not comfortable for me to carry it off.
  15. I can’t start my day without a steaming cup for ginger tea or masala tea .. I need it within 15 min of waking up so that the day is off to a smooth start ! And yes coffee does not have the same magic as tea in the mornings.
  16. If you have watched the movie Jab Tak Hai Jaan I am somewhat like Katrina’s character .. definitely not to the extent they show in the movie. But I believe in the give and take with God . If I have a special request it comes with a cost of me giving up something special for a while or forever 🙂

Hmm , can’t think of anymore now .May be I will append to the list in another post soon !


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